Hi, I’m Claire Kearns, a 25 year old Illustrator and Graphic Designer hailing from the well loved city of Stoke-on-Trent and currently living in Lincoln, where I attended university and graduated in 2011.

When I’m not illustrating I like to read a variety of books and try cooking something new (and sometimes exotic). I don’t always succeed but I’m always eager to try again. I’m always willing to try my hand at something new and would be unable to get into my house if I gave into every hobby I wanted to take up. My hunger for knowledge is extreme and I can become quite obsessed with digging up as much information about a subject as I possibly can. I also love to travel, although currently I can very rarely afford to.

Over the years I have done various pieces of work for Amelia’s magazine, do regular fashion illustrations for SLiNK magazine and have created work for brands such as Triumph Bras and PicSolve.

I always enjoy a good discussion so if you fancy a chat ,just have a question about my work or would like to discuss a future project, drop me an email. I’m always open for illustration commissions as well.